Central Station

Breaking from the Eastern region of the world we travel back to the Western hemosphere and settle in Latin America. Specifically focusing on a film based in modern day Rio de Janeiro directed by, Walter Salles Central Station (1998). This road film covers the life of a crooked letter writer Dora in Rio’s Central Station and the life of a boy Josue whom loses his mother and is search of his father he never knew.

The story itself is about Dora’s journey with this boy to help him find his father since she fells it is her fault that he has no one to take him on this journey. However you slowly begin to realize that this film is more about Dora’s life and her finding herself as the film progresses. Dora has been by herself without any close friends or family for a lot of her adult life and is now meeting people and venturing out of her comfort zone and finding out whom she truly is. We see this when she meets a male friend in whom she likes, we also see it when she begins dressing more as a women with the dress and lipstick. This road movie shows us the life of these characters and country of Brazil all through the characters eyes.

Central Station is a great film that I really enjoyed. I found a lot of meaning in this film and was able to really feel as the characters were throughout. You can make a good connection with these characters and you find yourself siding for different characters throughout as their actions change your mind of them until the end when Salles finally brings the characters together and allows you to like both of them together.  


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