Ikiru (1952)

Living behind a desk lead to a life with no close friends or family and results in what eventually killed the man whom has not yet experienced life. Kanji Wantanabe, only realizes to late that he has stomach cancer and has spent the majority of his years working a desk job that he did not enjoy.

In Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru (1952) the man character Kanji realizes that he has stomach cancer, the film revolves him coping with the struggles of death in near sight. Kanji meets some new friends and does some new things he has never done before. When he goes to a bar and tells the waiter he has cancer the waiter first tries to talk him out of drinking Saki but then realizes it won’t stop him and decides to take him out and get him extremely drunk and visit some clubs.

The second person Kanji meets is a young girl he works with; He takes her out, buys her nice things, and good food. The two of them have some pretty good times together but she soon she believes he is just a creepy old man and wants him to leave her alone.

I believe the movie is a lot about how we can get caught up in life and forget what life really is. Kanji’s wife dies and he supplements depression with working constantly and once he starts he does not stop for 30 years. By doing this he forgets about his son and their relationship goes downhill, he also forgets to establish friendships and has no support once he finds out he has cancer.

The film does a good job showing us how relationships are a very important part in our lives and how without them we can feel lost once we realize they are not there. I believe that this movie was a very good movie about life and relationships. In the end the death of Kanji allows the viewer to think about their relationships with family and friends and whether or not those relationships will be there when their last few days come around.


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