The worst meteor shower or worst set of events always takes place when someone goes to outer space in Hollywood. This year’s big seller at the box office has been Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and is in the line up for some Oscar nominations. The 90-minute film about Sandra Bullock floating around space dodging an orbit of debris which coincidentally passes by every 90 minutes.

The film was not terrible in fact it was pretty good but viewing it in 2-D was probably a bad decision. It was very boring most of the time and you could clearly see where slow parts of the movie incorporated 3-D aspects to keep the viewer alive. The times it was not boring was when either George Clooney was not dead, the orbit of debris was passing by (which only happens twice), or when Sandra Bullock was walking around in her tight little spandex shorts.

In these scenes that had more action than others the viewer was clinching onto their seats, squeezing their toes, and ducking away from the flying objects passing over. The high suspense was the best part of the entire film, I personally was tense the majority of the film as I mentally reached to hold on while Bullock and Clooney bounced around trying to hold onto anything around them before they drifted into space.

One major thing I noticed was the Cuaron’s apparent view on space. When most people consider outer space they think it’s empty no other people up there. This is shown because everyone who was in space has gotten the hell out of dodge before they became a piece of the flying debris. Though at one specific time I would never expect so many people to be in outer space at once. Clooney the space-traveling veteran is constantly attempting to travel to other countries space stations to receive help. Clooney makes it seem as if each morning every country wakes up sends a few men to the station to do some work and then they travel on home each evening and that space is just one big office for all these workers and that travel between stations is like walking to the cubical down the hall. This was what got me, it just seemed very unrealistic that everyone would just be up in space at the same time and that travel between stations only took a short amount of time.

Overall I think the film was well done with great cinematography and lighting that really make the movie look like it is shot in outer space. The acting was not terrible however seeing Sandra Bullock in a space suit was a bit humorous but she got back to normal when she broke it off and came out wearing skintight clothing to fit her unrealistically fit body. With all of this I believe the movie was very good and does deserve an Oscar and good recognition. The narrative of this film is similar to others but also completely different and has not ever been done before making it a great film in Hollywood’s history.


Gun Blazin and People Dying

More deaths than I have ever seen in a film with dramatic deaths and some very bullet proof characters. John Woo directed Hard Boiled (1992) and is one of the coolest action films I have ever seen. The incredibly high amount of deaths and endless amount of rounds fired in this film make for one killer action packed film that everyone must see at least once.

The story of a suborned cop Tequila who is determined to bring done the gun smugglers responsible for the death of his partner in a recent raid joins sides with an undercover cop Tony whose secret identity is as a Triad hitman.

Despite all of the explosions, gun shots, and deaths you are able to really get a feeling for the characters. You would not expect to be able to gather much of a relationship with these characters because they are simply shooting people the entire time but you are able to make a close connection to these characters throughout the film. In the end when the film comes to the climax and we think we are watching John McTiernan’s Die Hard (1988) we really watch out for the characters and do not want them getting hurt. The two finally begin getting along and make a kick ass team and this is when the audience-character connection really comes into play. In the beginning we are not too worried about Tony but once he closely teams up with Tequila we as an audience have his back.

In the end both kill all the bad guys and make it out alive. The ending scene with Tony sailing off into the sun on his boat allows us to know that he survived the wrath of the Triad leader. I believe this film was a great film and I recommend it to anyone who is into lots of action and gun fights. If you liked Die Hard you will see a major resemblance and if you are a Quinten Tarantino fan you will like the gory action and killing that is in a way like his. This film has defiantly opened me up to Hong Kong cinema and so far I have a strong respect for it and would not mind seeing more films made in Hong Kong.

Kingsley Ogoro’s Osuofia in London (2003)

London’s McDonalds does not carry Nigerian soup what kind of food join is this? In Kingsley Ogoro’s Osuofia in London (2003) a popular Nollywood film lets a Nigerian father who is used to hunting food to feed his family loose in London. The comedy is about a man Osuofia who has learned his brother who once lived in Nigeria and has since moved to London has passed away and left his inheritance to him. In order to collect the inheritance Osuofia must leave his small village in Nigeria and travel to London and the differences between cultures clearly seen as Osuofia has no idea what to expect of London.

The British accents, different foods, and troubles catching pidgins causes all affect Osuofia on his journey. The sunburned man who believes he is always correct is put into the harsh sunburned environment of London dealing with the snobby British people.

In this film we are able to see the major differences between third world countries and first world countries. In Nigeria there are not restaurants and in order to get food one must hunt and gather for the most part. In London Osuofia sees a great deal of cultural differences and one is that he cannot order soup at McDonalds and when he can’t he becomes very frustrated. He also is unable to understand the dialect of the British people and believes they are not opening their mouths when they speak. Then he notices the dress of young women, when he notices a young teenage girl smoking cigarettes wearing a short revealing skirt he rushes to her to cover her up and upon doing so is smacked in the face. Osuofia is unaware of these cultural differences and it is hard for him to understand the Western civilization.

I thought this film was very good and the low budget corny aspect of the film made it even funnier. In Nigeria this film is looked at as a very good film and in the US we see how terrible it really is but still enjoy it due to the comedy and understanding of the culture in Nigeria. I would like to watch the sequel to this film because I thought for an African film on such a low budget it was very well done minus the few scenes where the boom dropped in scene. I can clearly see how this film has done well national and internationally.