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Here is a little about the founder and owner of Generation Circa…

Michael Cheser:

I live my life in creative manor, I love to be creative and think up new ideas to make my life that much better. I am a film student studying to be a director/editor. I am also studying photo journalism, photography is another major part of my life. I am constantly taking pictures and my camera is always by my side. I am currently getting into music production and DJ’ing. I love to attend parties as a DJ and play music all night long; you get a rush you cannot explain because truthfully you are the life of the party. As the DJ you are controlling everyone’s mood and how much fun they are going to have with their night. What got me into blogging was, in high school I wrote for my school newspaper and when I was done with that I decided to keep it going in my own way through a blog. I am happy to tell everyone about myself and I hope people can learn more about me and my views on life through my posts.



One thought on “About

  1. hi Michael, I saw your comment on my blog, happy little somethings, and wanted to give you a couple tips for blogging like you requested!

    1. present yourself well. this includes being clear as to what your blog is about, and making sure your theme and design goes well and appeals to the audience you are targeting. for example, my blog is kind of a lifestyle/photography blog (i suppose), so naturally, i try to be as down to earth as possible. my theme is minimalist to showcase my photos, as they make up most of my blogging.
    2. target your audience. what i did for a while was basically float around the internet and comment/like other blogs similar to my own. don’t spam, this just gives a bad impression on yourself, but if you really legitimately like another blog/post similar to your own, let them know you’re out there! from there you may get added to blogrolls, links, and maybe even reshares on others blogs, and if they like what they read, it naturally spreads.
    3. don’t be afraid to be unique! you are you, and that’s what will make your blog stick out. whether its your individual style, your different take on common thoughts, your style of photos or writing, whatever. that’s the real kicker right there- whether or not you are ‘just like all those other blogs’ or not. you’ve got some great thoughts- you’ve just got to get them out there!

    none of these are ‘no fail ways to suddenly become famous on the internet!’. but these were the steps that i personally took to create and maintain my own blog, happy little somethings. its far from ‘popular’, but its my little corner of the internet, and i’m honored that anyone would care to stop by.
    thank you so much for your kind words! they meant so much to me.

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