Frost Vegas Has Done It Again

999673_628704733806451_390542663_nYour man Frost has once again dropped a sick new mixtape. From my point of view this one is the best mixtapes in the area in a while. This young aspiring artist is only getting better with time he will be popping up on more than a few blogs and twitter feeds. For now he is a local artist in the city of Louisville but soon who knows where we will be seeing him. Frost, Zombie Inkorporated’s Zom ,Mr Goodbar, Goldie, Mistro, Simba & Sabatahj have teamed up to absolutely make a name for themselves in the city of Louisville on Frost new tape.

I think the best track on this mixtape by far has to be “KillJoy” featuring Zom. The rhymes Frost is spitting in this new track are by far the best we have heard from him thus far. I give this mixtape a solid 8/10 and I cannot wait to see what Frost puts out next.

So for those of you who are sick of the typical fake mainstream rap artist who cannot get away from the word “Swag” and the mimicking styles, beats, and lyrics check out Frost because his underground real rap style will truly give you something to bump to.

If my opinion has not convinced you to listen to Frost new mixtape maybe the opinion of everyone else will. In the past week Frost has already gained 10,000 views. A solid 10k in a damn week, if that doesn’t convince you then you are straight missing out because no one in Louisville is being heard like my boy Frost.

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Promo Video:


ZI and Frost Vegas Dropping New Hits

Zombie InkorporatedIt has been one of those nights where I am up all night doing homework. While doing homework like anyone else I like to listen to music. Tonight I thought of good old Zombie Inkorporated and decided to replay a few of their tracks while writing my essay. These guys are doing pretty well and producing a lot of new music. Some of the guys have recently moved out to California to continue producing on a higher level and to use their talents to make something of ZI.

Johnny Cabes a good friend of mine is one of the main guys out there and he recently posted a video on his Facebook, The Frost Vegas Tape promo “Stay.”

Zombie Inkorportated I decided to check out this video and once I started listening I realized this was Frosty which was one of the guys who was featured in one of my favorite ZI tracks, Keep It Movin’. Frosty is also doing some big stuff alongside ZI, this man is about to make a big break and soon everyone is going to know the name Frosty. He has some good lyrics and some sick beats that anyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a new artist to jam to while ridin’ down the road look up my man Frosty he is dropping a mixtape “Tape” soon and one song will be featuring Zom the rapper from Zoombie Inkorporated. For those of you who have not heard about ZI I will have a link to my last post about them and to their YouTube channel where you can easily listen to some damn good music.

Zombie Inkorporated is also going to be dropping a new music video for their upcoming hit which will be released with the video. The song will be featuring a name we Zombie fans have already heard of and that is EJ but this time they are bringing in a new guy Wigg. I know know EJ goes hard with his rhymes but I know nothing about Wigg, what I can say is that if he is with ZI than he must be good because these guys don’t let just anyone get a spot on their track. The only thing else that I can tell you about this new track is it will be released within the next few weeks. Watch out for our posts because the minute the track is dropped so will a new post with everything attached.

To my viewers have a great day and keep up the views. Generation Circa loves our followers.



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Take my advice and listen to these guys you can download all their music on their Band Camp site which is

Erica Jones Rough Draft of Cover to “Poison and Wine” By: The Civil Wars

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Hey everyone here is a video I just posted this morning. It is a rough draft to a music video we will be making soon. We are completing the final recording soon and then we will finish the music video. Check out this video of one of my best friends Erica, she’s gorgeous, and has a beautiful voice that anyone could enjoy listening to.

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ReverbNation: (All of these songs are her own not covers)

YouTube Video:

Zombie Inkorporated New Music Video Chronkikis ft Elroy Jet

Zombie Inkorporated

Hey everyone Zombie Inkorporated has just put up a new video. This video is pretty sick, right after I saw it I messaged these guys and said how the hell do you come up with you video ideas because these are crazy. I have no idea why but there are just random people wearing white masks the entire time in the video and it’s extremely weird however it gives the video a different feel which I liked. The video was for sure original and is something I think anyone with a taste for film making can enjoy. Check it out…

“Zombie InKorporated” A Band You Won’t Be Disapointed In

So with this blog post I am mixing it up a bit with the music choice I have found a new and original group that raps about what they care about most and that group is Zombie Inkorporated.

Zombie Inkorporated

At first I was a little discouraged and not so sure about the group because it was a differnt style then I was usually used to but I gave it a chance and listened to the songs a few times my perspective started to change. The beats Jonny Cabes is making are dope; I can honestly say these beats are one in a million, you are not going to find this shit in your average Wiz Khalifa or Lil’ Wayne album. To hear these beats you’re going to have to go straight to Cabes.

Zombie Inkorporated has your rap style but the lyrics are sick, Zom breaks it down rapping about the usual drugs, partying, and sex but also has some that have meaning to them and you hear that through his lyrics in songs like “Speed Importance.” Zom uses his words and hardcore rap style to just fuck shit up when it comes to spitting these rhymes.

Then you have their man EJ who has a more southern style of rap he does a little of everything when it comes down to it. He is helping Cabes with the beats and spitting a few rhymes thoughout the songs. Here soon EJ will be releasing more of his own raps so keep tabs on these boys because some more crazy shit is coming soon.

This group directs and edits all of their videos which I must say are pretty sweet you have to check out the newest video on YouTube it’s called “Accent” and you can check the video out at the bottom of this post.

Honestly I would say this stuff is good party type music or just something to jam to when in the mood to smoke a blunt and get pumped up. Hit up their YouTube channel, website, Reverb Nation, and Sound Cloud. You will find all these links below and trust me this band is worth your time.

My Favorite Song: Beginners Luck

Newest Song: Accent

Band Rating: 7/10

Video Rating: 8/10

I say this because the video was intense lots of strobes and crazy stuff going on in the video and as a film director and editor I can say what has been accomlished is not simple.



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Take my advice and listen to these guys you can download all their music on their Band Camp site which is

Also follow them on twitter @mindsofzi I have recently followed them and the more followers they have the more the reason to keep the music coming. Zombie Inkorporated is taking rap music to the next level.

Zombie Inkorporated

Wiz Khalifa “Taylor Allderdice” Review

Album Title: Taylor Allderdice

Artist: Wiz Khalifa

Release Date: March 13, 2012

My Rating: 7.5/10

Best Song: “Guilty Conscience”

Next Three: “The Code,” “California,” and “O.N.I.F.C.”

Taylor Allderdice a new album but not a new style; Wiz Khalifa has just released his new album Taylor Allderdice which gets away from his more main stream Pop-Rap style and back into what he originally started with which is his Stoner Rap style.

Taylor Allderdice slips away from the Pop style that Rolling Papers has and went back to the mellow relaxing stoner flow that was seen earlier in Wiz’s career. This album is a slower bass bumping album, but it still has the usual upbeat songs that are good to listen to when partying.

Personally I like this Stoner Flow much better than the Hip-Hop Pop Style that was going in Rolling Papers. The bass bumping and chill rhymes are what I like hearing. They’re good for any mood and any type of party whether your tokin’ a fat one, sitting back drinkin’ some beer around a bonfire, or dancing with your lady at a big bash. But it’s best enjoyed while just cruising down the road with the stereo turned all the way up letting the sounds of some sick bass and smooth rhymes drown everything out and move through you with the lyrics of one of my favorite rappers.

Wiz In The Recording Studio.

Listen to Wiz’s SICK RHYMES all day on this site. It’s awesome and a great place to listen to any music you wanna hear but this link will set you up with the entire Taylor Allderdice album. Hit it up!!!

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdicee – “California” Official Music Video

Wiz Khalifa Taylor Allderdice Listening Session

The gang listens to the new album while tokin’ on some blunts. From the looks of it they were all very happy with the outcome of the album.

Kid Cudi “WZRD” (Review) By: Johnny Cabes

WZRD- “Self Titled” WZRD

Released- February 28, 2012

WZRD Album by: Kid Cudi

Label- Wicked Awesome, HeadBanga Muzic, Universal Republic

Rating- 7.5

Best Song- “Love Hard”

Next Three- “Brake”, “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”, “Dr. Pill”

Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius team up in this “Alternative Rock” project called WZRD. If you can, you imagine Pink Floyd keys, Nirvana grungy vocals with Kanye West on the beats, and Kid Cudi blaring out his normal “I’m depressed” lyrics. Then you can imagine the overall sound of this debut album. A couple songs keep you coming back, a few songs hit you deep, and the rest have a good melody and are easy on the ear but for the most part they’re pretty fucking normal.

We have heard rappers try the whole rock thing before. Lil Wayne sucked at it, Lupe was decent and Pharrel killed it, it was cool to see how Cudi approached it. Low bass, catchy head banging drums, and heavy distorted tracks. Its as good as anything else Kid Cudi has done, so if you like his music than you will definitely like this WZRD album. Best way to enjoy the album… In the car on a blunt route, or in the basement through two shitty 12’’ speakers.

Heres WZRD preforming “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” live on Conan…

Best Kid Cudi song “The Mood”…