This Takes Some “Balls” (Skating Photography)

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Everyday on my way to work I pass the local skatepark here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was driving by the other day and got stopped at the light right next to it and was looking over watching some of the guys skating and thought to myself, “this would be a great place to take pictures.” So this afternoon I finally had a day off and had time to go out and take pictures. When I got there, there was already a guy shooting video. He had a high dollar video camera with a big fish eye lens. He was working on a skate video. When guys saw me taking pictures they all started asking me to shoot photos and video of them doing certain tricks. In the two hours I was there I shot nearly 45 mins of footage and took over 400 pictures. I set my shutter high and just snapped photo after photo catching every little movement which led to some really good pictures. Taken By: Michael Cheser

While taking these pictures I though, “This is a sport that is over looked by society.” When you walk around the city you constantly see signs that say no skating, which most can understand why businesses would have these signs. It is so that kids don’t go out and get hurt on their property and then try to sue them for their injury. However most of society looks at skaters as bums. Yes, their style may portray a bum but really the guys are great people; all of them were down to earth and really enjoyed what it was that they were doing. I gained a lot of respect for the sport in the few hours I was out shooting.

Taken By: Michael CheserSkating is a very intense sport that really takes some “balls.” When you think about it every time someone goes to do a trick or drop into the bowl they are risking a serious injury which just give a huge adrenaline rush. Seeing these guys skating makes you think more about life. In life we have to take risks to succeed, and when skating the skater has to take risks to get better and succeed in “nailing” their trick. These guys are living their life free of fear, they are not scared to get hurt, they risk it all just to do something new.

When I see this I think more people should live life-like this. People should live life with less fear, not get so stressed about things and just have more fun in life. Taken By: Michael Cheser

I will most definitely be back to the skate park this weekend to capture some more pictures and hang out with a great group of people.

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Skate Park Demo Video


Photo of the Day (David Fausmann)

Generation Circa has been untouched until this week for the past several months. However, the site is back up and is going to begin producing more than ever. Be ready to see loads of editorials, photos, and reviews here soon. To get the day started here is a new Photo of the Day.

Steel Wool Long Exposure Photo

Steel Wool Long Exposure Photo

This photo was taken with a Canon T3i and the way to do such picture is by using a long exposure. The shutter is set to stay open for thirty seconds; when the steel wool is lit and the shutter is opened it captures all the light that passes through the angle of the lens. The way the photo was created was by swinging steel wool which is on fire in circles. I proceeded to swing the steel wool in a circle for ten seconds, then I walked in a diagonal towards the left of the image and back which created the little places on the ground in the front of the image which look like they are on fire. Once I reached the front of the frame I walked backward to where I had began the image and continued my original circle. By doing this I was able to give the sparks depth rather than have a linear look across a single horizon. This gives the image more life and gives it more than one main point of view.

I hope everyone likes this picture and if anyone has questions on how to create this sort of photo you can ask me how to do it or check out a video describing it below. I found this video on YouTube and it does a great job explaining the fundamentals and basics of how to create a photo likes this one.


Photo of The Day

This is a picture I took while in Spring City, Tennessee rockclimbing/hiking. I was hiking down a river and happened to be sitting on a rock when I noticed this little fella chilling on the side of the rock I was on. This spider was about the size of a baseball and was hanging out right above the water which you can see rushing underneath it.

You have to love having your camera at all times because I get some good pictures whenever I go out to places like this. You can never go wrong having your camera on your back.

Bringing Back The Daily Photo

A storm moving in right next to my house the other day.

The other side of the horizion the night of the storm very pretty.

So I was doing a daily photo and using my photography when I first started my blog and then stopped but I think I am going to bring it back. and do it everyday so check out a few photos I have done recently.