Stuck In Traffic; Just Blogging

Michael Cheser

You can never have a road trip without some kind of fun. I am actually writing this on my trip back to school from my visit home last night.

This is a view of traffic behind me.

This is a view of traffic behind me.

As you can imagine there are always wrecks especially when it begins to snow. The interstate is shut down and I am following traffic on this so called detour. I do not have an iPhone or GPS to tell me where I am or where I am going and at this moment traffic is stopped and has been for the past thirty minutes.

There has already somehow been another wreck on this back road and people are out of the cars it actually reminds me of a scene from “The Walking Dead” traffic is stopped both sides o the road I’m in the middle of no where no one knows what is going on and people are running around outside of there cars like idiots.Peope Running Around

The lovely part of this trip is I was in a hurry to make it back to work however it doesn’t look like I will be making it there any time soon. I have half of mine to turn this little piece of crap car I drive around and take it back home and enjoy another night with my friends from home.

What is good is my boss was understanding and said that it was alright because two others have called in and it seems to be a thing for everyone else to show up late today anyway. I am still an hour and a half from school and if things don’t get a move on soon enough I will probably head back home and return tomorrow once the interstate has been cleared up.

As for now I shall sit in traffic and enjoy some “Mumford and Sons” while taking pictures of this crazy mess. Everyone have a wonderful day and stay out of traffic.

Later today…

I was unable to post this while on the road so now I am adding to it.

As we have all seen I was stuck in traffic today for about two hours. At one point a truck driver pulled off the side of the road into a gravel area, he was telling the car infront of me how to get out and take another route. I decided to ask him what that was and see if that route would benift me in anyway.

He told me to park and come over and he would show me on his map because I had told him I did not have a GPS. So I went over and talked to the guy whom was very nice and he showed me a way to go except that way was going to take me an hour east of my destination so really it wasn’t helping me too much. So I thanked the kind man and proceeded with my journey of sitting in place on some random road in the boonies.Truck Driver

It was finally time for me to clock in at work and I told them that in the past two hours I had maybe moved an entire two miles. They were not happy about this and their attitudes went from understanding to pissed off at me. However I can not help that I was in traffic due to the interstate being shut down. So I will not loose any sleep and they are stuck with one less employee for the day not hurting me any, except I will be written up which really does nothing especially since I have never once called into work or in that case ever been late to work.

So I turned around and headed back home and lost three hours of my day in which I spend sitting in a car accomplishing nothing.

Also now that I have gotten home and been able to see the news I now know that both sides of the interstate were shut down because two tractor trailers and four cars were the cause of a wreck that killed six people and sent one to the hospital with life threatening injuries. So prayers go out to their familes for sitting in traffic means nothing compared to what has happended to others today.


ZI and Frost Vegas Dropping New Hits

Zombie InkorporatedIt has been one of those nights where I am up all night doing homework. While doing homework like anyone else I like to listen to music. Tonight I thought of good old Zombie Inkorporated and decided to replay a few of their tracks while writing my essay. These guys are doing pretty well and producing a lot of new music. Some of the guys have recently moved out to California to continue producing on a higher level and to use their talents to make something of ZI.

Johnny Cabes a good friend of mine is one of the main guys out there and he recently posted a video on his Facebook, The Frost Vegas Tape promo “Stay.”

Zombie Inkorportated I decided to check out this video and once I started listening I realized this was Frosty which was one of the guys who was featured in one of my favorite ZI tracks, Keep It Movin’. Frosty is also doing some big stuff alongside ZI, this man is about to make a big break and soon everyone is going to know the name Frosty. He has some good lyrics and some sick beats that anyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a new artist to jam to while ridin’ down the road look up my man Frosty he is dropping a mixtape “Tape” soon and one song will be featuring Zom the rapper from Zoombie Inkorporated. For those of you who have not heard about ZI I will have a link to my last post about them and to their YouTube channel where you can easily listen to some damn good music.

Zombie Inkorporated is also going to be dropping a new music video for their upcoming hit which will be released with the video. The song will be featuring a name we Zombie fans have already heard of and that is EJ but this time they are bringing in a new guy Wigg. I know know EJ goes hard with his rhymes but I know nothing about Wigg, what I can say is that if he is with ZI than he must be good because these guys don’t let just anyone get a spot on their track. The only thing else that I can tell you about this new track is it will be released within the next few weeks. Watch out for our posts because the minute the track is dropped so will a new post with everything attached.

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This Takes Some “Balls” (Skating Photography)

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Everyday on my way to work I pass the local skatepark here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was driving by the other day and got stopped at the light right next to it and was looking over watching some of the guys skating and thought to myself, “this would be a great place to take pictures.” So this afternoon I finally had a day off and had time to go out and take pictures. When I got there, there was already a guy shooting video. He had a high dollar video camera with a big fish eye lens. He was working on a skate video. When guys saw me taking pictures they all started asking me to shoot photos and video of them doing certain tricks. In the two hours I was there I shot nearly 45 mins of footage and took over 400 pictures. I set my shutter high and just snapped photo after photo catching every little movement which led to some really good pictures. Taken By: Michael Cheser

While taking these pictures I though, “This is a sport that is over looked by society.” When you walk around the city you constantly see signs that say no skating, which most can understand why businesses would have these signs. It is so that kids don’t go out and get hurt on their property and then try to sue them for their injury. However most of society looks at skaters as bums. Yes, their style may portray a bum but really the guys are great people; all of them were down to earth and really enjoyed what it was that they were doing. I gained a lot of respect for the sport in the few hours I was out shooting.

Taken By: Michael CheserSkating is a very intense sport that really takes some “balls.” When you think about it every time someone goes to do a trick or drop into the bowl they are risking a serious injury which just give a huge adrenaline rush. Seeing these guys skating makes you think more about life. In life we have to take risks to succeed, and when skating the skater has to take risks to get better and succeed in “nailing” their trick. These guys are living their life free of fear, they are not scared to get hurt, they risk it all just to do something new.

When I see this I think more people should live life-like this. People should live life with less fear, not get so stressed about things and just have more fun in life. Taken By: Michael Cheser

I will most definitely be back to the skate park this weekend to capture some more pictures and hang out with a great group of people.

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Skate Park Demo Video

Erica Jones Rough Draft of Cover to “Poison and Wine” By: The Civil Wars

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Hey everyone here is a video I just posted this morning. It is a rough draft to a music video we will be making soon. We are completing the final recording soon and then we will finish the music video. Check out this video of one of my best friends Erica, she’s gorgeous, and has a beautiful voice that anyone could enjoy listening to.

Follow her on Twitter: @EricaMexyJones

ReverbNation: (All of these songs are her own not covers)

YouTube Video:

How Do Schools Kill Creativity

I found this video when searching around on the internet. I really like the speaker Sir Ken Robinson, he is a great speaker and what he says makes sense. If you are a person who thinks that schools are killing creativity, that focus should not be all on the “Core Content,” and that we should utilize students creative sides instead of telling them that it is a waste then take 12 minutes out of your day and watch this video. It is not only a very cool video but sends a good message.

SHEO “Somebody-Helped-Every-One”

WKU SHEO Bracelet

So while making a trip down to Western Kentucky University I met a guy named Aris Nance. We started talking about film making, it turns out he likes to write scripts so we got to talking and this led to the idea of making a movie and starting a production company. Well these ideas have turned more into a project that we have set out to do. We are working on this project as we speak and hopefully this company “Generation Circa Productions” will be up and running soon. But as I have been talking to Aris I have found out that he has his own company where he makes bracelets. He sells these bracelets and uses the money partially as profit but also donates a portion to charity. So now that I have given you an introduction I am going to get more into “SHEO.”

So What Is SHEO???

SHEO was born 2011 in Tyler Texas after initially starting out as a business/fundraising project. SHEO is an acronym carefully chosen that implies the overall goals and mission statement of SHEO. “Somebody-Helped-Every-One” This is exactly what you do every time you choose to purchase a bracelet or service from SHEO. Two dollars from every purchase is donated to a local charity towards helping their benefit.

UK SHEO Bracelet

This organization is a great way to get a cool attractive bracelet and help out a good cause. So the biggest part of this blog post is to help out my friend Aris and his organization. He does not do this to make money he does it to give back to the community, most of the money made is used to buy the materials to make the bracelet. These are not cheaply made bracelets they are very nice and well constructed bracelets that will not fall apart after a few weeks.

So everyone if you would like to help out you can order your very own customized bracelet at

Selfesteemology EP Trailer

Zombie Inkorporated

Okay so remember that bad ass group I was telling you guys about called Zombie Inkorporated, well they have a new trailer for their up and coming debute called Selfesteemology EP. This new album has features from Paul Frost, Ray T, and Elroy Jet. Everyone should give this video a look and stay tuned for an update on when the album will be released. These guys have done a great job so far and only get better so check them out “Zombie Inkorporated.”