Holy Motors (2012)

Today you have nine appointments; you need to get ready for your first we will be arriving shortly. There is not much of a right or wrong to the understanding of Leos Carax’s Holy Motors (2012). When considering this film the only thing that truly makes sense is that the film has a philosophical meaning to it.

From the opening scene the viewer is completely lost; Carax himself wakes up in a bed, approaches a wall covered in trees and minstrelsy grows a key from his finger to open this wall. Once the wall is opened we see Carax in a cinema watching his own film Holy Motors and we are introduced to the main character Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant), who lives his life riding around in a limo creating different personas for each different appointment. Each appointment is a new situation for Oscar to simply confuse us even more through his bizarre actions. By the end of the film you are unsure how he is even alive or if he is alive due to the fact that he dies multiple times but just stands back up as if he is immune to death.

Throughout we contrast two different options; these options are theater performer or movie actor. We see signs that Oscar enjoys being in front of a camera when he is in the cemetery dressed as a troll and is performing for the photographer. Though in the end you are left to believe that Oscar is simply a stage performer; due to the constant change of costume and the fact that he cannot die.

The philosophical idea is seen in this film through the aspect that nothing is every clearly stated as true or false. In the end we do not know what exactly Oscar’s job is or if he has any sort of family. All we know is he rides around all day long in this limo living different personas for no apparent reason. We are simply left to debate whether or not he was an actor or not and if so what he acted for.


Frost Vegas Has Done It Again

999673_628704733806451_390542663_nYour man Frost has once again dropped a sick new mixtape. From my point of view this one is the best mixtapes in the area in a while. This young aspiring artist is only getting better with time he will be popping up on more than a few blogs and twitter feeds. For now he is a local artist in the city of Louisville but soon who knows where we will be seeing him. Frost, Zombie Inkorporated’s Zom ,Mr Goodbar, Goldie, Mistro, Simba & Sabatahj have teamed up to absolutely make a name for themselves in the city of Louisville on Frost new tape.

I think the best track on this mixtape by far has to be “KillJoy” featuring Zom. The rhymes Frost is spitting in this new track are by far the best we have heard from him thus far. I give this mixtape a solid 8/10 and I cannot wait to see what Frost puts out next.

So for those of you who are sick of the typical fake mainstream rap artist who cannot get away from the word “Swag” and the mimicking styles, beats, and lyrics check out Frost because his underground real rap style will truly give you something to bump to.

If my opinion has not convinced you to listen to Frost new mixtape maybe the opinion of everyone else will. In the past week Frost has already gained 10,000 views. A solid 10k in a damn week, if that doesn’t convince you then you are straight missing out because no one in Louisville is being heard like my boy Frost.

Download album @ http://www.datpiff.com/Frost-Vegas-The-Frost-Vegas-Tape-mixtape.499931.html
Follow Frost @FrostBoss01
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paul.Frosty.Bennett
Promo Video: http://vimeo.com/68357432
Email: Frost141@hotmail.com

High School; The Preparation For College Graduate, or College Dropout?

Michael Cheser

If you have attended college, did you feel prepared once you found out what it was like? If you haven’t attended college do you feel like you are being prepared for what you imagine college to be like? If you have answered No, to one of these two questions I feel the same way.

As a college freshman I have been introduced to an entire new lifestyle. Most people go in thinking that classes will be like high school just bigger classes; because their teachers were “preparing them for college” the entire time they were there. I felt this exact same way going into my freshman year, what I soon found out though was most ordinary classes (not lectures) are the same size and a lot of times even smaller than the classes in my high school. I also realized that college was quite different from high school; I knew I could skip whenever and no one would smack me on the wrist. What I didn’t realize is that I was going to have to eat, drink, and sleep thinking about school work.IMG_2995

In high school I would be told two weeks ahead you have a test coming up over “blah blah blah” in college you are given a syllabus with all exams, quizzes, and project/papers due dates listed. The teachers don’t say, “Alright class, next Friday you will be turning in your final draft of your essay.”

In college you walk in and the teachers say, “Alright class, everyone needs to hand in there essays. If you don’t have it than it is a zero.” It’s the same with exams; you come in knowing you have an exam because you were given the date the very first day of class. The teacher does not tell you the night before to remember that you have a test the following day. This was one major thing I had to get used to, the independence of keeping my classes in line with no one else’s help. One major bit of advice is to keep an agenda with every assignment and test plugged in from day one.

In high school you are treated very lightly and they claim to be preparing you for college. Therefore as a student you believe that you are being prepared for college. When asked if upon graduation he felt prepared for college, Cole Gilbert answered, “I felt good upon leaving high school about taking on college. I thought I had been prepared adequately, especially being enrolled in tougher classes.”

A lot of high school students do not have to work very hard to get their standard diploma. It is more of a show up, listen in class, do your classwork, and you have easily passed the class. There is not much required outside of your everyday class work. If there is than it is typically pretty simple, just busy work in attempt to keep students minds on classes outside of school. Though this is not enough to prepare them for what they will encounter once they have enrolled in a higher education school or university.

According to Cato.org Public School Grads Unprepared for College, Work 39% of 1,487 students surveyed said that they were not prepared for college. Of the students who said they were extremely prepared for college 31% of them still had to take remedial level courses their first year of college.DF_01_1

This shows that there is a major lack of preparation for high school students in the US because students who believe to be prepared are still taking remedial classes. I believe one way to better prepare students for collegiate level courses is they need to be pushed much harder in their local high schools. From self-experience I believe one way students could be prepared better for college is by giving them more work to do outside of the classroom. As a high school student you will hate that statement but once in college, it begins to settle and make more sense. When I asked Gilbert if he felt like he had a lot of homework consistently, and if he felt the need to study much for tests he stated, “I felt as long as you paid attention in class and did the homework you were fine, and I barely ever felt overloaded with homework, it was very sporadic.” This shows that students do not have much work to do outside of the classroom which is the complete opposite of what they will find when beginning college. Gilbert believed he was prepared for college upon graduation, but when asked if he had changed his mind after attending college he stated, “My first semester of college, I realized I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought. I found it hard to study and didn’t feel like my study habits had exactly been brought up to par.”

With these statements from Gilbert I decided to ask another student whom attended a different school in a completely different state. Diana Ortiz states, “After being in college, I felt high school prepared me following the first couple of quizzes and tests. It was hard but it wasn’t impossible and I thought that was the goal.” She followed this up with, “I could have been better prepared by being worked harder. Even though I enjoyed senior year being easy, college is not. It gets a lot harder really fast and doesn’t really work into it.” With this being said it seems to me that high schools intensions are good. They want to help their students get into college and succeed. However they do not seem to be preparing students for the work load they are going to be given.

When beginning, college students are not ready for the amount of work it takes to succeed. There is a lot of free time in college, student are not going to school for a full seven hours a day five days a week as they do in high school. The average student takes about twelve credit hours each semester. This means they are in class about twelve hours a week, which is about twenty three hours less than they are used to in high school. With this the average amount of time spent in the classroom is shortened by 66% a week. That means students are gaining less in the classroom and must spend more time studying and doing homework to retrieve the information needed to pass their courses.

I believe in order for students to be more successful in college teachers need to push students harder not only in the classroom but outside the classroom. A lot of teachers take it easy because students have sports and extra circular activities outside of school. But when it comes down to it, making their time management easier is not a way to help them. By forcing students to manage their time wisely with more on their agenda, is a huge part in their success. This is because students will have a lot of free time and probably lose track of what they are actually in college to do; or they will have a lot of stuff to get done and not know how to manage their time sufficiently to get the work done on time. Therefore they need to know how to manage their time more wisely.

College is all about study habits, ability to manage time well, and the ability to accept the fact that you no longer have someone holding your hand throughout your every move, every day. Teachers need to be less of a friend to students and more of an authority figure. Teachers need to make their classrooms more like a college classroom. Students should feel as if they must study to succeed and not that they can kiss the teachers ass, show up, and get the grade. Gilbert gives one good example of how he believes schools could better prepare students for college, “Honestly, I think the teachers shouldn’t cut students as many breaks as they do for students. Minimal extra credit and AP courses should be set up more like a lecture-style class, no homework, your grade would be based off of tests alone, it’s kind of harsh, but that’s how college is, so you should prep for that, especially if you’re enrolled in AP courses. I think it would definitely help to develop students study habits, and help to get them in the habit of meeting with teachers for help and seeking tutoring.”images

Ortiz followed right up on what Gilbert said with this statement, “Schools could incorporate the college type of learning and testing style more into their system. Schools grading periods and time between homework and quality of homework are very different.”

If schools worked on changing a few of these things students would leave high school much better prepared for college than they are now. It is time for students to go into college and look back at their high schools and think, “Wow, I hated that my teachers were tough when sitting in their classroom but now I realize why they were doing what they were doing.”

Are We Even Living Our Own Lives???

Michael Cheser

Have you ever felt like a robot doing exactly what society wanted you to do every day of your life? You just go to work, sit at the same desk in the same little cubical, doing the same bullshit you have done for the past ten years. You get paid enough to support your family, with the occasional vacation when your company has a good year, but you don’t make enough to fulfill any dreams you have. You are just living your life to get by. You question yourself, “Am I even living life? Am I even alive?”

This came to my mind when I was watching a video with a friend of mine. We were browsing the internet and on YouTube we found a video made by the Red Bull Team using “Go Pro” video cameras. The video sparked conversation about how big life really is. We thought about how the majority of people just live life the way society makes them. They’re like robots doing the exact same thing every day of their lives leading a lifeless, boring life. Then you see these people who are getting paid to jump out of airplanes and push the limits of life itself.

Red Bull Team Space Jump.

Red Bull Team Space Jump.

We can’t all get paid to do things like this, but what is life if we don’t live it to its full potential? Not everyone should up and decided to jump from a plane; however, the world would be such a better place if people had a little life in them. If people lived a little and said, “The hell with society! I am going to live my life as I want to, not work this job because it is what pays the best, but I am going to work this job because it is what I love doing.”

A discussion I had with another friend of mine was about politics, which I will not get into, but it relates with this topic. When our country was first born it was brought up because people were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in. The Civil Rights movement may have never happened if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t decided to stand up for what he believed in. He was not afraid of death because he knew what he was doing was greater than his own life. If he was killed standing up for what he believed in, then he would have died for what he believed in.

In today’s society, part of our problem as a country is people do not know how to stand up and fight for what they believe in; therefore, they are pushed around by the man with all the power. Everyone continues to follow in these footsteps and it has just become a regular everyday thing, to do exactly what the man with money says.

People are afraid of death when really, death is a natural inevitable. So consider this, would you be happier dying at a younger age than most, but having lived life to its upmost potential? Or, would you rather die old having lived a boring life, following the rules of society, and accomplishing nothing in your lifetime other than making enough money to put food on the table? Feeding your family is not a bad thing in any means, and if that means working for “The Man” then do so. However don’t let that be the only thing in your life outside of work. Live life to its full potential.

Over time people have lost the real meaning of life. Some may look at this and criticize my statement and tell me I am an idiot with no real understanding on life, but if you really look at it and consider what you will look back at upon death, will you have really lived the life you wanted to?

Don’t waste your life. Live it to the fullest. Follow your dreams. To follow your dreams, you may have to follow society. If your dream is to be an artist then fight for that dream; if it’s to be a great lawyer then be a great lawyer. Don’t always listen to everyone else and waste your life doing what others tell you you should do.



(This is a video of the Red Bull Team living life to the fullest. I look at this as living life for the thrill of it. Pushing all limits doing some amazing things to just live life.)

ZI and Frost Vegas Dropping New Hits

Zombie InkorporatedIt has been one of those nights where I am up all night doing homework. While doing homework like anyone else I like to listen to music. Tonight I thought of good old Zombie Inkorporated and decided to replay a few of their tracks while writing my essay. These guys are doing pretty well and producing a lot of new music. Some of the guys have recently moved out to California to continue producing on a higher level and to use their talents to make something of ZI.

Johnny Cabes a good friend of mine is one of the main guys out there and he recently posted a video on his Facebook, The Frost Vegas Tape promo “Stay.”

Zombie Inkorportated I decided to check out this video and once I started listening I realized this was Frosty which was one of the guys who was featured in one of my favorite ZI tracks, Keep It Movin’. Frosty is also doing some big stuff alongside ZI, this man is about to make a big break and soon everyone is going to know the name Frosty. He has some good lyrics and some sick beats that anyone can enjoy. If you are looking for a new artist to jam to while ridin’ down the road look up my man Frosty he is dropping a mixtape “Tape” soon and one song will be featuring Zom the rapper from Zoombie Inkorporated. For those of you who have not heard about ZI I will have a link to my last post about them and to their YouTube channel where you can easily listen to some damn good music.

Zombie Inkorporated is also going to be dropping a new music video for their upcoming hit which will be released with the video. The song will be featuring a name we Zombie fans have already heard of and that is EJ but this time they are bringing in a new guy Wigg. I know know EJ goes hard with his rhymes but I know nothing about Wigg, what I can say is that if he is with ZI than he must be good because these guys don’t let just anyone get a spot on their track. The only thing else that I can tell you about this new track is it will be released within the next few weeks. Watch out for our posts because the minute the track is dropped so will a new post with everything attached.

To my viewers have a great day and keep up the views. Generation Circa loves our followers.


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieInkorporated#!/ZombieInkorporated

Twitter: @MindsofZI

Website: http://zombieinkorporated.tumblr.com/

Sound Cloud: http://soundcloud.com/zombieinkorporated/beginners-luck

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MindsofZI

Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/zombieinkorporated

Take my advice and listen to these guys you can download all their music on their Band Camp site which is http://zombieinkorporated.bandcamp.com/

This Takes Some “Balls” (Skating Photography)

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Everyday on my way to work I pass the local skatepark here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was driving by the other day and got stopped at the light right next to it and was looking over watching some of the guys skating and thought to myself, “this would be a great place to take pictures.” So this afternoon I finally had a day off and had time to go out and take pictures. When I got there, there was already a guy shooting video. He had a high dollar video camera with a big fish eye lens. He was working on a skate video. When guys saw me taking pictures they all started asking me to shoot photos and video of them doing certain tricks. In the two hours I was there I shot nearly 45 mins of footage and took over 400 pictures. I set my shutter high and just snapped photo after photo catching every little movement which led to some really good pictures. Taken By: Michael Cheser

While taking these pictures I though, “This is a sport that is over looked by society.” When you walk around the city you constantly see signs that say no skating, which most can understand why businesses would have these signs. It is so that kids don’t go out and get hurt on their property and then try to sue them for their injury. However most of society looks at skaters as bums. Yes, their style may portray a bum but really the guys are great people; all of them were down to earth and really enjoyed what it was that they were doing. I gained a lot of respect for the sport in the few hours I was out shooting.

Taken By: Michael CheserSkating is a very intense sport that really takes some “balls.” When you think about it every time someone goes to do a trick or drop into the bowl they are risking a serious injury which just give a huge adrenaline rush. Seeing these guys skating makes you think more about life. In life we have to take risks to succeed, and when skating the skater has to take risks to get better and succeed in “nailing” their trick. These guys are living their life free of fear, they are not scared to get hurt, they risk it all just to do something new.

When I see this I think more people should live life-like this. People should live life with less fear, not get so stressed about things and just have more fun in life. Taken By: Michael Cheser

I will most definitely be back to the skate park this weekend to capture some more pictures and hang out with a great group of people.

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Skate Park Demo Video

Erica Jones Rough Draft of Cover to “Poison and Wine” By: The Civil Wars

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Hey everyone here is a video I just posted this morning. It is a rough draft to a music video we will be making soon. We are completing the final recording soon and then we will finish the music video. Check out this video of one of my best friends Erica, she’s gorgeous, and has a beautiful voice that anyone could enjoy listening to.

Follow her on Twitter: @EricaMexyJones

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/ericajones1 (All of these songs are her own not covers)

YouTube Video: