Holy Motors (2012)

Today you have nine appointments; you need to get ready for your first we will be arriving shortly. There is not much of a right or wrong to the understanding of Leos Carax’s Holy Motors (2012). When considering this film the only thing that truly makes sense is that the film has a philosophical meaning to it.

From the opening scene the viewer is completely lost; Carax himself wakes up in a bed, approaches a wall covered in trees and minstrelsy grows a key from his finger to open this wall. Once the wall is opened we see Carax in a cinema watching his own film Holy Motors and we are introduced to the main character Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant), who lives his life riding around in a limo creating different personas for each different appointment. Each appointment is a new situation for Oscar to simply confuse us even more through his bizarre actions. By the end of the film you are unsure how he is even alive or if he is alive due to the fact that he dies multiple times but just stands back up as if he is immune to death.

Throughout we contrast two different options; these options are theater performer or movie actor. We see signs that Oscar enjoys being in front of a camera when he is in the cemetery dressed as a troll and is performing for the photographer. Though in the end you are left to believe that Oscar is simply a stage performer; due to the constant change of costume and the fact that he cannot die.

The philosophical idea is seen in this film through the aspect that nothing is every clearly stated as true or false. In the end we do not know what exactly Oscar’s job is or if he has any sort of family. All we know is he rides around all day long in this limo living different personas for no apparent reason. We are simply left to debate whether or not he was an actor or not and if so what he acted for.


This Takes Some “Balls” (Skating Photography)

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Jumping from one bowl to the next.

Everyday on my way to work I pass the local skatepark here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was driving by the other day and got stopped at the light right next to it and was looking over watching some of the guys skating and thought to myself, “this would be a great place to take pictures.” So this afternoon I finally had a day off and had time to go out and take pictures. When I got there, there was already a guy shooting video. He had a high dollar video camera with a big fish eye lens. He was working on a skate video. When guys saw me taking pictures they all started asking me to shoot photos and video of them doing certain tricks. In the two hours I was there I shot nearly 45 mins of footage and took over 400 pictures. I set my shutter high and just snapped photo after photo catching every little movement which led to some really good pictures. Taken By: Michael Cheser

While taking these pictures I though, “This is a sport that is over looked by society.” When you walk around the city you constantly see signs that say no skating, which most can understand why businesses would have these signs. It is so that kids don’t go out and get hurt on their property and then try to sue them for their injury. However most of society looks at skaters as bums. Yes, their style may portray a bum but really the guys are great people; all of them were down to earth and really enjoyed what it was that they were doing. I gained a lot of respect for the sport in the few hours I was out shooting.

Taken By: Michael CheserSkating is a very intense sport that really takes some “balls.” When you think about it every time someone goes to do a trick or drop into the bowl they are risking a serious injury which just give a huge adrenaline rush. Seeing these guys skating makes you think more about life. In life we have to take risks to succeed, and when skating the skater has to take risks to get better and succeed in “nailing” their trick. These guys are living their life free of fear, they are not scared to get hurt, they risk it all just to do something new.

When I see this I think more people should live life-like this. People should live life with less fear, not get so stressed about things and just have more fun in life. Taken By: Michael Cheser

I will most definitely be back to the skate park this weekend to capture some more pictures and hang out with a great group of people.

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Skate Park Demo Video

Erica Jones Rough Draft of Cover to “Poison and Wine” By: The Civil Wars

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Hey everyone here is a video I just posted this morning. It is a rough draft to a music video we will be making soon. We are completing the final recording soon and then we will finish the music video. Check out this video of one of my best friends Erica, she’s gorgeous, and has a beautiful voice that anyone could enjoy listening to.

Follow her on Twitter: @EricaMexyJones

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/ericajones1 (All of these songs are her own not covers)

YouTube Video:

Lashzone… Is College a Scam or Something We Need?

Lashzone… Is College a Scam or Something We Need?

Have you ever considered colleges being scams to just take your money? Do you feel as if society forces you into a certain field of work to do a job that you don’t want but it makes the money?
Last Friday a friend and I were walking through campus to go pick up our books from the bookstore when I received an email; the email was from Lashzone with a subject line reading, “We need your help.” At first I assumed this email was some sort of scam, the third sentence of the email said this, “We are trying to make this painful path of brain torture a bit easier, a path that will get these poor students nowhere but to make them the future slaves of society.” When I read this I was baffled at what seemed to be legitimate stupidity. The entire email was trying to get people to support them and make them known. This sounded like the Kony of 2013, as in it sounded like another stupid organization trying to persuade people into their beliefs.Lashzone
I decided to do a little more research on this so called Lashzone to better understand what it is they were up to. I quickly found a YouTube video that they had put together for advertisement. The video was all about college and how they believe college is a waste of time. They explain that we as students attend college, go to school with a specific profession in mind, and these professions are usually chosen because of the income that they are known to bring in after graduation.
The first scene in the video is a man in a car driving down the road ranting on about how society drives us to choose a certain profession. His example is a man going to school to be an accountant; he says, “I think 90% of people out there they do what they do to survive. You go to college to become an accountant. Do you think that guy wants to become an accountant? He went to college to become an accountant to because it pays 37 thousand dollar a year and he can have his wife, kids, a minivan, and a f**king house. You get to f**king work you work your eight hours, you go home, and you get your paycheck at the end of the week. What kind of life is that, then you’re 62 years old and you retire for three years then you die of f**king prostate cancer or some f**king crazy shit. I mean think about it.”
With this intro to the video they set you up for what is coming next. The topic of the video is that the government controls our decisions. The government persuades us to choose a specific career path because what the government needs pays the highest. People choose these jobs but that does not mean that they like what they do for a living, they are just doing it because the government secretly forces them to do it; not by saying they must do this but through the aspect of a larger income.

A picture made by Lashzone to show what it is they are doing.

A picture made by Lashzone to show what it is they are doing.

This keeps people from doing the things they love, as a kid they played the guitar and their dream was to be a musician however in the big scheme of things people told them not to be a musician because that is not what everyone else wants them to do. The message they are giving is don’t worry about what other people think you should do, but do what will make you happy in the end. However people do not do that because they have been raised to know that the only way to be successful is through getting a degree and becoming what the top job is. This is where schools come into play; they do not look at or favor creative things such as art or music so many talented people believe that they are not creative enough and settle for something that institutions pay more attention to such as doctors or engineers. People believe that if they do not attend college than they will fail and not be worthy of holding a position in the world.
The argument that Lashzone is giving is that college is a scam to make money and is forcing people to do what society thinks is best, when it may not be best for them. As for my opinion I am not here to argue that Lashzone’s opinion is right or wrong. I believe that in some ways they are correct and wrong in others.
I believe where they are correct is, that schools from the moment someone starts kindergarten they’re immediately saying they must go to college. Everything is in preparation for college all the way up through high school; but sometimes college is not for some people so why focus all the attention on getting their core content scores up. The students whom are creative and have the ability to do magnificent things but cannot solve a calculus problem are looked down upon. These students are told that their creativity means nothing and the only way to succeed is to become what society thinks is best. This happens every day; schools are cutting out physical education courses, drama classes, art classes, and other non-core classes. This is because they believe math, science, reading, and English are the only things that students need to focus on. Institutions are telling students they will never be an artist when really they could become an artist live a happy life and make good money if they set their mind to it. They may not be making 100 thousand dollars a year like doctors but at least they are happy doing what it is they are doing.
Where I disagree with Lashzone is that they believe that college is an all-around scam. Yes, college is very expensive and they do keep people around for a while; however a general education is good for everyone. Also having a degree will better suit people for their future; I do not think that college is a complete scam because it is clearly not. People graduate college every year live happy lives and make decent amounts of money doing what they want to do, not everyone is creative some people just live to be doctors and lawyers, and there is nothing wrong with this because as a society we need people to hold these jobs. People attend college to get an education to better prepare themselves for the outside world. They can also go to college and study most artist degrees, I myself am a Film Major I am studying to one day become a movie director. This degree is one that society does look down upon and I do not necessarily need to go to school to be good at directing movies, however having the education helps me learn more that I may not pick up on my own. College can also help people establish a basis for their future; people will meet people who can easily help them build connections to better they future career.
I believe what Lashzone is trying to get out is a good message. In the beginning I thought it was a bunch of crap but as I looked deeper and thought more about it I began to agree more with them. It is really your own opinion when it comes to whether or not college is a scam or that society controls the way we live our lives. My opinion is that yes, society does control our lifestyles but there is no reason that they should because all in all we can be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do because in the end when you look back happiness will always overpower a boring life full of money.